Humans Will Evolve When We Cry

Please listen to my cries, listen to my buried pain (in the attached video)
I was talking to my son but my little brother’s and sister’s names came out because of my buried pain
If you don’t have much patience, you can begin watching at minute 7:00
If you have even less patience, my cries explode out around minute 9:20, but they begin around 8:50 after my son says, “sad”
I appreciate your time

My world is so angry because the big people forgot how to cry
If we can realize the power of our cries, we can realize our human power
A child can be beaten by their parent, cry their pain away, and still love their parent unconditionally
A woman (more emotionally intelligent, Heart) can be beaten by her man, cheated on by her man, cry her pain away, and still love and be with her man
A man (more mentally intelligent, Mind) can be beaten by his woman’s cheating, and will never forgive her because “men don’t cry”
A man can be beaten by his woman’s words, and will yell at her in anger, beat her in anger, because men don’t express their pain, sadness, anything perceived to be “soft”
Men are comfortable with anger, not pain

Of course, none of these hurtful actions are appropriate, and I’m not saying they should be forgiven
My point is about CRYING, and how to release the pain and move forward without anger, without buried pain
Men are destroying the world because we were brainwashed to believe crying is weakness, crying is for babies
Big people hold in their pain, and the world around them feels their anger
There is buried pain in all of us that we release as anger, because we forgot the purpose of our cries
As a child, we practiced for years to hold in our cries, to naturally fight them when we feel them rise
When you listen to a big person who is about to cry, they will try to hold back, they will pause their words
You must fight your words out through your cries, until your cries explode out of you
If we cannot understand our pain, we cannot understand our anger
Pain becomes anger
Anger destroys us
Our cries release our pain

Heart and Mind must come together
When will humans evolve?